Advisory Firm Specializing in Financial Institutions Mergers & Acquisitions, Purchase Accounting & Goodwill Impairment

Cedar Hill Advisors was formed in October 2003 as a advisory firm that specializes in providing strategic advice and valuations regarding Mergers & Acquisitions, and GAAP Business Combination Accounting  for Financial Services Industry. Cedar Hill is proud to communicate that since inception has completed GAAP fair value work in over 100 financial institutions merger transaction with assets of over $70 billion. We have served over 135 clients.


Merger & Acquisition

Successful acquisition strategies and sale transactions are those executed by clients that are fully informed on the market…


Full service purchase accounting assistance approach to help financial profession in valuing and recording acquisitions…


Cedar Hill will prepare the Step One goodwill impairment test accordance with Statement of Financial Accounting Standards Number 142…

“Cedar Hill has led our accounting and credit team in our last two acquisitions through the Day 1 purchase accounting and fair value process and their service is excellent and unique. The purchase accounting documentation book has become a critical part of our audit and accounting controls process. The documentation book is a tool we share with auditors and examiners to explain the acquisition GAAP accounting and fair value methodologies. The accounting staff relies heavily on the purchase accounting model in record the transaction and prepare external reporting GAAP disclosures. They also support our Day 2 fair value processes."
Adriano M. Duarte
CFO SB One Bancorp ($2.0 billion in assets)

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